Safe Space is a listed employee benefits vendor on CXA

Getting access to mental health care and claiming it via insurance just got simpler.



On Mon 02 Dec 2019,  Safe Space Singapore listed our therapy services into CXA‘s eCommerce platform.

Since our acceptance into BlueChilli’s healthtech accelerator as the first Asian cohort, the Safe Space team have been conducting UX research to understand various customer journeys and barrier to seeking mental health treatment from both the therapists’ and clients’ point of view.

Affordability was one of the Top 3 concerns among clients, regardless of age and gender.

By listing our therapy services into CXA ‘s eCommerce platform, employees whose company uses CXA for employee benefits can now claim their therapy sessions, making it both affordable and discreet for them to seek treatment in the comfort of their own home.

  • For employees that use CXA, we are listed under the “Self-improvement – Coaching” category.
  • If you’re unsure and want to find out if your company uses CXA, we recommend speaking to your HR manager.
  • If you’re an employer that doesn’t use CXA but would like to make Safe Space available to your staff, please reach out to
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