How to Use Safe Space Gift Card?

Hey There! We’re so happy that you have one of our Safe Space Gift Cards.

Your friends and family care about you and are giving you the gift of strengthening your mental resilience with a professional therapist.

Let’s check out how we can use the gift card below:

  1. Check if you’ve received our Thank You email for the order of our Gift Card.

Gift Card email


2. Please read all information and our Terms & Conditions

3. Scroll to the bottom to find the unique e-voucher promo code (circled in red)

3. Download Safe Space app on iTunes (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)

  • iOS URL:
  • Android URL:

4. Create your Safe Space profile

5. Once done, you’ll be brought to this screen. Click on “Subscribe Now” button.

Safe Space app

6. On Payment page, select “Online Chat Credit” and click on “Buy Now”

Safe Space Payment Page

7. On our credit card payment page, input your credit card details BUT enter the Gift Card e-voucher under “Enter Promo Code” and click on “Pay Now” button.

This will ensure that you won’t be charged. 

Credit Card Page

8. Finish the payment process and 1 hour online chat will be credited into your account 🙂

9. You can check if it’s been credited by going to the navigation panel, click on your “Profile”.

Safe Space - Client Nav Bar

10. On the profile page, if the e-voucher was added successfully, you’ll see 60 minutes (1 hour) has been added to “Online Minutes Purchased”.

Safe Space - Credits check


11. You can now start talking to any of our Safe Space counsellors.

Thank you!

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