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If you made it to this page, you’ve heard of our 2019 Safe Space x Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. We’re happy you’re interested in making the Safe Space app a reality by providing faster, discreet & affordable access to professional mental health therapists.

We need your help and to show our appreciation, we’ve included a special “Curated Wellness Basket” for you to improve your overall wellness when you fund certain tiers so check out our 8 x sponsors (in alphabetical order) below:

  1. Alcheme Skincare


alche{me} offers personalised and conscious formulations, made with natural active ingredients and vitamins. 

Based on each person’s skin diagnosis, lifestyle and priorities, alche{me} skincare experts prepare a custom-made formulation designed to address each customer’s unique skin concerns.

alche{me} products are vegan, nasties free, gluten free, and cruelty-free. 

Curated Wellness Basket Item:  SGD 10 alche{me} voucher (minimum spend of SGD 80 ) off your alche{me} personalized products online (unique to Safe Space funders)

2. Body Language Group

Body Language Group

Body Language Group takes a holistic approach to health – Mind, Body and Soul and that’s seen through their health products and services.

After more than 30 years in business, they have grown and evolved to not only meet the ever-changing needs of the young and ageing population but have also been recognized by international regulatory bodies for their impeccable and consistent levels of quality.

How is Royal Jelly beneficial? Royal Jelly’s antioxidant properties have been known to support a healthy immune system and proper cognitive function, reducing symptoms of stress and depression.

Curated Wellness Basket Item:  Enjoy a 50% discount on Eternal Youth Royal Jelly, Free Delivery in Singapore (unique to Safe Space funders).


3. Hasiko 

Hasiko logo


At HASIKO (www.hasiko.co), our goal is to help you live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. Combining the best of Pilates, Yoga, and Meditation, our programs will help you discover what truly matters to you, build resilience, self-compassion, and a strong foundation of well-being so that you can flourish through every challenge and every season of your life

Curated Wellness Basket Item: Complimentary HASIKO 7-Day Stress Remedy Program – Reduce your Stress in Just 7 Days

Through daily micro-lessons, reflection, and the practice of HASIKO FLOW, this 7-Day Stress Remedy Program is designed to help you reduce and effectively manage your stress levels with simple and practical tools that only takes 15 minutes a day!


  • Recognise your stress triggers and signs of stress that many people don’t even realise are stress-related
  • ​Create a personalised plan that helps you effectively manage stress
  • Release stress and tension from your mind and body with our 15 minute HASIKO FLOW practice
  • Lifetime access to all resources in this 7 Day Stress Remedy Program

4. Mindfi App

Mindfi App Logo

MindFi is a smart meditation mobile app designed for busy people. It was founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Bjorn Lee with the vision of helping busy people to be mindful anytime for a more productive and calmer life. Unlike traditional meditation apps, MindFi focuses on delivering a practical, smart and measurable mindfulness experience that can be integrated into a user’s daily life. MindFi is advised by global leaders in mindfulness and neuroscience, including Prof. Steve Hickman, founder of Center for Mindfulness at UC San Diego (UCSD) and Dr. Julian Lim at Duke-NUS Medical School.

Curated Wellness Basket Item: 3-month complimentary subscription to MindFi Premium (unique to Safe Space funders)


5. Palm Ave Float Club

Palm Ave Float Club

First created by neuroscientist Dr John Lilly in the 50s, floatation continues to intrigue many today. More recently, it has been popularised by athletes like Stephen Curry, celebrity host Joe Rogan, VICE magazine, and more, and is even categorised under Sweden’s national healthcare services.

For most ‘floaters’, stress relief and physical recovery are the prime benefits. Floatation frees your mind from distraction and your body from gravity, so you can get better at what you do. In the float pod, you lie weightless on Epsom salt water for an hour, sending you into a deep meditative state.

Palm Ave Float Club was established in 2014 and is currently Singapore’s only dedicated float centre. Experience how it can transform the way you live, work, and play.

Curated Wellness Basket Item: 10% discount promo code for a 60-min/90-min float (unique to Safe Space funders)


6. Souffle Beauty

Souffle Beauty

Soufflé Beauty pronounced [su.fle] has created a brand because they weren’t able to find skin care formulated for tropical weather – so they set out on their own journey. During their R&D process, they changed their formula and tweaked it till it was perfect. All products have been tried and tested by them and people like you! Souffle Beauty products are made in Singapore with a focus on probiotic and rose ingredients, free from alcohol and parabens. Not forgetting cruelty free!

Curated Wellness Basket Item:

  • 20% discount promo code for online purchases (unique to Safe Space funders)
  • 15 probiotic serums (for first 15 funders of Safe Space)

7. Terra Luna Yoga

Terra Luna Yoga

A collective of calm seekers, pleasure hunters & peacemakers, dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of all women through yoga, meditation and other healing modalities. We seek to create a safe, nurturing and empowering space that honours women and celebrates her femininity, inner wisdom and creativity. As a women-focused, cycle-aware and trauma-aware yoga and therapy space, we offer the familiar styles of hatha, power, flow and yin classes, set within a deeper understanding of the female body and experiences. Unique to Terra Luna is our #WombtoWorld approach – first in Singapore – to offer support for cyclical changes of a woman’s life, such as Womb Yoga, Tension Release Exercise, Pre-natal Yoga and Post-natal Yoga, Mums & Bubs Yoga as well as Family Yoga.

Curated Wellness Basket Item: 10% discount off 5/10/20/30 class packages (unique for Safe Space funders)


10. Tily Tea

Tily Tea logo

TILY Tea is your daily herbal tonic tea companion. Absolutely caffeine free, TILY’s foundation of
traditional Chinese herbal roots are packed full of health benefits that the Chinese have been
harnessing for thousands of years. These Super Roots in TILY’s blends have been used for
generations to maintain, repair, and rejuvenate. Today, TILY blends these super roots with naturally
sweet fruits and aromatic florals to bring you a healthier, more delicious way for you and your family to drink your way to better health.  Just Steep, Sip and Enjoy!

Curated Wellness Basket Item: 20% discount promo code (unique to Safe Space funders)


9. The Maks’ Coffee

The Maks Coffee

THE MAKS’ COFFEE is a specialty coffee and drink-ware company based in Singapore. We work directly with micro-lot coffee farmers to source for 100% premium Arabica coffee beans. By doing so, we are able to cut out any middlemen and ensure fair pricing to the farmers and their community. We work hard to educate our partnering farms to use natural growing methods and to only hand pick ripe coffee cherries. The Maks’ Coffee practices the sustainable way of producing coffee and strives to provide the everyday coffee experience that will leave a minimal environmental footprint. 

Description of Products & Benefits:
Our signature drip coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced directly from our partnering micro-lot coffee farms. Travel-friendly and compact, our drip coffee gives you the convenience and luxury to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee machine-free.

Other coffee products include our house blend roasted whole beans and seasonal coffee from around the world that is especially selected by our coffee artisans every season.

Coffee enthusiasts can also choose to subscribe to our coffee subscription plan that delivers freshly roasted coffee right to their doorstep on a monthly or weekly basis.

Curated Wellness Basket Item: 10% discount promo code (unique to Safe Space funders).




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